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Myths about Study Abroad

Myth #1:   Only foreign language majors can study abroad.

Fact: No matter what your concentration, you CAN study abroad. It is possible to take courses in English through a program provider in a non-English speaking country. 

Myth #2:   I have to pay Albright tuition during the semester(s) I am gone.

Fact: When you study off-campus, you only pay the price of that particular abroad program. There are no extra fees from Albright. In some cases students end up paying less than they do at Albright!

Myth #3:   None of my grants, loans, or scholarships can be used to pay for my off-campus study.

Fact: Albright scholarships, such as the Presidential, Founders and talent scholarships, cannot be used for off-campus study. However, Pell Grants, Stafford loans, Perkins loans, State grants and most privately funded scholarships may be used.

Myth #4:   If I'm a science major, I have to take all my classes here at Albright.

Fact: There are many science programs offered all over the world. Science is universal and is taught the same almost everywhere. Who knows, maybe organic chemistry makes sense in England!

Myth #5:   I have to go to another country to study off-campus.

Fact: There are many domestic programs available right here in the United States, including the Washington Center, the Philadelphia Center, and the National Theatre Institute.  

Myth #6:   The application process is hard and time consuming. It's not worth the effort.

Fact: The Albright application process is easy and straightforward. The application process for specific programs varies widely with some requiring a written essay, recommendation, etc. You do have to invest a little time, but it's very manageable and well worth it in the end--just ask anyone who has done it. The staff at the Experiential Learning and Career Development Center is helpful and will guide you through the entire process.  Make an appointment today: or 610-921-7630.

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